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{my story}
I have always loved the art of photography – I can even enjoy looking at pictures of people I don’t know! My love for taking pictures developed when I became a mother. It was then that I started taking photos every day; I wanted to capture every moment from my daughter’s childhood. I began to {experience} life in a completely different way, through a new set of eyes. From there, an affair with light, love, and my camera began.

I'm passionate about creating artful images that people not only see, but {feel}, which evoke strong emotions.

Dorothy Buchanan Photographer
{my family}
Many thanks to my love, Robert. For being my partner; my best friend; for picking up right where I leave off; for being my strength; my biggest fan; for always believing in me; for reminding me of all the good in people. And to my daughter, “Mini-me.” For helping me to see things with a newfound joy; for making me smile each and every day; for keeping life fun. Seriously, I am where I am today by God's grace, the gifts He has bestowed upon me, and my family’s encouragement and love.

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